Thursday, July 14, 2005

what's in your fridge?

today's entry is thanks to my friend the portuguesa nova.
she's running a series of these and here is my contribution.

we live in nyc and our kitchen is very, very small and our fridge is tiny. i had to sit on the oven/countertop in order to take this shot. we're hopefully going to refinance soon and buy ourselve a brand spanking new kitchen! pay no attention to our disgustingly dirty no matter how much i scrub tile floors (which actually don't look half bad in this shot).

what's in it?
top shelf:
a bag of old coffee grounds that should be thrown out; a few coronas from a party over a year ago; ginger ale; trader joe's peanut butter; earth balance spread (no gmos!); butter; nectarines; aloe vera juice; ketchup; milk; juice; filtered h20 in the red pitcher

2nd shelf:
thawed tj's southewestern turkey burgers; buns (ha buns!); tj's soy milk; club soda, tonic, seltzer from a party over ayear ago; tj's green olive tapenade; a bit of nobu soy dressing in a little jar

bottom shelf:
pinot grigio; leftovers; onion in foil; tj's pickles; watermelon

baby carrots and an old beet in one and beer from a party over a year ago in another.

the door:
2 buck chuck savignon blanc; lemonaise; tj's garlic olives; various salad dressings; various hot sauces; nobu marinades; just cranberry juice; flax seed oil; bakin soda; 2 jars of capers that probably should be thrown out; various mustards; various jams/fruit butters; 2 different brands of acidophilus; indian condiments; ketchup packets (just in case we run out of the bottled stuff); candex; chili/basil paste.

with all of this stuff, why do we end up ordering in about 4 nights a week?!

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