Thursday, April 06, 2006

i am not kabbalah

when i was in brazil, i visited a very famous church in salvador (some of the pictures are part of my flickr account which can be accessed by that stupid revolving pictures thing to the right that only shows the pictures of the night i got drunk at carnaval and not the rest of the trip!).

bon fim church is a very spiritual place and when you visit, you are given a piece of ribbon to tie around your wrist. as the knot is pulled tight, you are supposed to make a wish. when the wish comes true, you can untie the knot and remove the bracelet.

my piece of ribbon is hot pink. not a red string, but a hot pink ribbon. i refuse to take it off because i am very close to making this wish come true and i don't want to fuck it up. call me superstitious- but sometimes i need all the help i can get. oh, and technically, i tied three knots and made three wishes, so this thing is going to be on a long time. call me greedy too.

last night i was in a new scene study class. we were doing some relaxation exercises and i was lying down on the floor and the teacher comes up to me and touches my ribbon and says,

"my daughter has one of these too."

and i thought to myself, "oh my gosh! her daughter went to bon fim in brazil too?!!"

and then i realized that she probably thinks that this is a kabbalah bracelet and that i am following some sort of fad religious-y thing. that i love demi and ashton and madonna and britney and posh spice (thank GOD she didn't go to scientology!).

hmmmm, i wonder how many other people see this little ribbon and think i'm with the kabbalah?

but i'm keeping it on, it's worth the risk. hello wishes, here i come!

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