Thursday, April 20, 2006

sick as a dog

the beginning of this week involved rushing champ to the vet after he had, well....., he....., ummm....., i can't even bear to say what champ did, so just imagine the worst thing a dog could do and then imagine being the one to run to the bathroom dripping with the worst thing a dog could do and trying not to vomit yourself. ok, imagine the two worst things a dog could do and then being covered in it and maybe having to trash the lovely carpet. ok? i'm not going to say it because it was completely disgusting and gross and totally the worst thing to come home to after a frustrating day at work. and it's all kpr's family's fault for feeding him and bonnie table scraps when they thought we weren't looking on easter sunday. they can't eat people food- they get stopped up, if you know what i mean. and then, their butts explode, ok? that's why we don't feed them people food, for fear of the exploding butt.

champ also had a huge stye (sp?) above his right eye, so a trip to the vet was definitely in order. right after i cleaned myself up from the dripping and the grossness. i left the carpet for kpr to deal with when he came home, to share in the fun.

while at the vet, i spent most of the time waiting in the lobby and crying because there was a big chow who was in the exam room who was crying so hard and loud and was so scared and it was an awful thing to hear and champ kept looking at me like, "you want me to go in there? hell no lady!"

so champ was injected with water under the skin to help with hydration, which was really weird, because he looked like a hunchback for a while and when you touched the bladder (yes, i called it a bladder), it would move around and was squishy and gross.

he is better now, and has seemed to recover from the worst thing a dog can do, and the carpet has been cleaned and steamed and vaccumed a million times over- i however, will be scarred for life.

fastforward to wednesday, where the stuffy nose that bonnie has had all week, that we thought was just cute little allergies, is all of the sudden a respiratory infection that may or may not turn into pneumonia. fanfuckingtastic. we had the lovely vet who lives next door check her out and he called antibiotics into our local rite aid straight away (who thought you could get doggie drugs at the rite aid? i'm wondering if bonnie can hook us up with valium, or better yet horse tranquilizers!). i was up till about 2am and then again at 4:30am with her, listening to her struggle to breathe and cheering each breath she took. her eyes are all gummy and the snot has been unbelievable. she weighs ten pounds and has produced at least 60 pounds in mucus in the last four days.

the antibiotics are working and i can hear her breathing getting easier. she spent some time outside with champ and i today and seems to be doing better (i called in to work today, i had to stay home with my babies!). still snotty though. i'm hoping there is no need to take her in and have a chest xray- i'd hate to put her through all the medical mumbo jumbo again. her whole life has been illness, followed by joy and happiness and health, only to get sick again a few months later. i think being on the steroids has really fucked with her immune system and she's paying for it now.

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