Friday, April 14, 2006

good friday

the commute to work today was delightful. it seems as if everyone in new york is off on religious holiday, which means the rest of us get to enjoy the benefits of a quieter city. the subway came right on time, i was able to sit down without a hassle. there was none of that holding door crap that slows up the trip. it was whisper quiet on the train. everything ran smoothly and i cut off about 5 minutes from my commute, which was good because i was running about 10 minutes late. the phones have been super quiet so far (knock on wood), so it is indeed a good friday.

this is the worst time of year to be without a camera! everything is blooming everywhere and i'm constantly walking down the street wanting to snap some photos, but our camera is broken. i've registered us for a new one, but i might break down and buy one before that (like i have an extra 300 bucks laying around...). i feel like i'm missing out on a capturing things and i haven't taken a proper photo of the dogs in weeks!

our kitchen is finally (almost) finished. the plumbing was hooked up on tuesday and i was able to actually cook dinner last night! the dishwasher was put to test this morning, we'll see how everything turns out when i get home. we still have to put in a backsplash of some sort and i need a step ladder to reach all our super high cabinets. i would take pictures of everything we had done but, see above.

my sister is coming down from boston tonight and then all of us are traveling to my future in-laws house for easter dinner. tomorrow we pick out our invitations! (only four weeks till we need to send them out, can we say procrastinate?)

have a terrific weekend!

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